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New Rules Help Borrowers With Student Loan Debt

Student loans have been a major obstacle for many of my first-time home buyers. Fannie Mae has just announced some …Read More

Profile PhotobpnadminMay 5,17

No Picket Fence or Rent

Buying a home doesn’t have to involve a big yard or a picket fence. Here are some tips about financing …Read More

Profile PhotobpnadminApr 5,17

Do You Suffer from “Over-Caring?”

It is 7:45 pm & I am intently watching the clock. Not that subtle, polite glance that we all do. …Read More

Profile PhotobpnadminMar 16,17

Myths & Misconceptions of Homebuying

A survey by Fannie Mae found that a majority of millennials did find it more sensible to buy a home …Read More

Profile PhotobpnadminMar 14,17

Volunteering – Just as Good for You!

If you are a busy professional, it can be challenging to find an opportunity that allows you to give back and move …Read More

Profile PhotobpnadminMar 13,17

Do You Have These Black Women Authors on Your Reading List?

A great list of classics and new reads that would be great additions to your library!  (1) We Should All Be …Read More

Profile PhotobpnadminMar 12,17

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