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Black Professionals Network ("BPN") is a 501(c)3 leadership and professional development non-profit organization. Known for its award-winning annual Black Professionals Summit conference ("BPSummit") held annually in Miami, Florida. The organization serves to foster leadership skills in aspiring, emerging, and excelling black professionals. Throughout the year, interested professionals from all levels can gain access, resources and discounts to programming and events with the mission to boost their career profile and lifestyle goals. 

Our social learning and community approach gives professionals an opportunity to share their knowledge and serve as industry mentors either by being a presenter at our events or conference, a contributing writer for our Industry Insider section, or be an online course instructor (coming in 2018). This allows them to hone their skill sets and attract the right opportunities for their goals.


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Our mission is to provide access, resources, and opportunities for aspiring, emerging and excelling black professionals. Provide leadership and professional development through enriched programming and foster strong strategic partners. 

"Together each achieves more" 

To create a generation of industry leaders built on the principles of hard work, self-determination and collaboration.

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Black Professionals Network (BPN) provides access, resources, and programming to professionals of all career stages to boost their career profile and form a personal network of trusted collaborative connections. Our social learning and community approach is built on the belief together each achieves more.
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